Monday, May 25, 2009

Sheung Wan "Secret" Noodle Corner

N.B. This is an post from June 2008 from my old blog - thought I'd repost here as I keep recommending it to people. I went the week after I had some amazing ramen in Tokyo and it certainly measures up. It's really no secret anymore, especially to those who live/work around here.

Well it won't be a secret much longer, because the ramen here is seriously good, but hopefully it won't become too packed, because the location is kind of obscure - but still close to another noodle-haunt, Kau Kee.

I've been here a few times now, and have stuck with the basic shoyu and 'salt' soup bases, both milky and fairly opaque, with no additions to the basic cha shyu (the Japanese variety), egg etc, apart from wakame (seaweed). All have been great, no msg in the soups (if you've been in HK long enough you'll know what a relief this is), bouncy noodles with an almost elastic quality, and tender + tasty char shyu. the cold ramen is great for summer days too. They don't do takeout because they say that the quality won't be as good if you let it sit around for too long - which I get, and I like that attention to detail - but maybe they could just separate the soup and the noodles? Just a thought, coz I don't like lining up... But I will anyway, because I dare say that this is the best ramen I've ever had in HK. (Apparently their tofu ice cream (if i remember correctly) is a winner too, but I've always been too full to have dessert...)

8 On Wo Lane (down the steps from Homeless on Gough St, or just up from Kau U Fong)
Sheung Wan Moved
3/F Soho Square
21 Lyndhurst Terrace
Hong Kong
+852 2815 5766


  1. Thanks for this - having just moved to Sheung Wan I am reading all your posts to get some tips!


  2. I love this place! Though, I haven't been there since it moved. Has the move affected the quality?