Monday, May 11, 2009

Dining with views

Qantas's Travel Blog included my tweet in their 'Dining with views' feature. Aw, thanks guys, glad you liked my tip.

The article was based on a question they sent out on Twitter:
@qftravelinsider it's that delicious time again... question: your restaurant pick with the best views? (can be anywhere) #foodfriday

to which I replied:
@e_ting imo HK's skyline is one of the best views in the world - Lobby Lounge @ InterCon or Aqua Luna junk boat (or a private one).

I felt I had to reply because 1. I love Hong Kong's skyline (as you can tell from the picture to your left) and am really proud of it despite the light pollution; 2. too many people would automatically suggest Hutong, which to me, is utterly overpriced and has unforgivably bad service (though Aqua Luna also belongs to the same owner - I think the junk at least makes it a more unique experience); 3. visitors to Hong Kong aren't often aware that the best (and most iconic) view of Hong Kong is looking at Hong Kong island from Kowloon side.

That's a lot of justification for a little tweet, but anyway, thanks again Qantas. Nice for an ex-Melburnian to be quoted on an Aussie website :)


  1. hi there!
    i've just come across your blog as i am going to HK next week and am looking for some good places to eat at.. I'm also a melbournian and totally agree with your statement on the views are better from the Kowloon side! I went to Aqua for a drink 2 years ago and fell in love.. i'm definintely goin there again this trip :)

  2. Hi Judy! hope you enjoy your trip to HK! Aqua, admittedly, isn't as good as it used to be (more noise, lower quality) though of course the views are still stunning. As in this post, I'd recommend the Lobby Lounge at the InterContinental, though it doesn't have the 'clubby' vibe that Aqua does. While not on Kowloon side, the views from the new rooftop Wooloomooloo bar in Wanchai are ace too (just don't bother with the food).