Policies, privacy, promotions, poo-poo's

First and foremost, please understand that this blog is a hobby.

Generally speaking, invited tastings and events are, for the most part, never posted on this blog. However, photos will usually be posted on my other social media outlets, such as, and not restricted to my Facebook Page, InstagramTwitter, Weibo, Tumblr, unless I'm explicitly told not to.

Marketing/social media/public relations professionals: please let me know at the invitation stage if you would like the event blogged, publicised and whether there might be gifts/incentives (both for myself or my readers) - I just want us to be clear with each others' expectations before we commit to anything :) Thank you!

Sponsorships, Advertising, Samples
For the most part, it's safe to say that I do not review anything - products or services - on this blog. If you are certain that there is a good fit, feel free to send proposals, enquiries and so on about your product or service, but please do note that I feel very strongly about the integrity this blog and will reserve my right to express my personal opinion on said product/service.

Writing and Editing
I'm a freelance writer and editor specialising in food, travel and culture. Please do get in touch about any potential opportunities. You can find some of my clips and further details about me here.

Yes, I do make scathing remarks about some restaurants, food and things in my posts. But I never intend to cause damage to anyone's businesses. If you don't agree with what I said, you're welcome to get in touch - via comments, Twitter, email etc. Opinions are my own and don't represent anyone else or any company or publication.

If you wish to make a poo-poo, by which I mean something like a personal remark that might be malicious or just plain stinky, it will not be published in the blog comments and I will ignore these Tweets, emails etc. (or maybe broadcast it further - depends!). But don't worry, I don't bite, I promise (unless you bite me first).

Like invitations, these will generally be posted on my Facebook Page - so check it out!

Your email addresses and correspondence to me is confidential and will never be used for spam etc.

All content on the blog is protected by copyright, please contact me for permission to use anything. I'll usually get back to you very quickly.

Further reading and asking
If you have any questions, please check out the About and FAQ, or simply get in touch. As you can see, I like to talk ;)

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