Saturday, December 31, 2016

10 best food things in 2016 - International edition

One of the many gorgeous Georgian supra (banquets) we had
I did an uncharacteristic amount of travel this year, and as a result, had some amazing food-related experiences I couldn't fit on my normal year-end list (which was already packed). I don't know that I'll ever blog about these places individually, so here are my top picks, which you probably already know about if you follow me on Instagram, but hey, a round-up never hurt anybody.

25 best food things in 2016 - Hong Kong edition

Oyster tartare at Belon

I started with 31 and tried really hard to cut back to 20 as I normally do, but this year, I've included some things that I think are worth noting that aren't specifically dishes, but definitely worth talking about, so cut me some slack! Promise I won't go over 25 next year! 
  1. Belon, especially the bread and oyster tartare
  2. Serge et Le Phoque
  3. Kin's Kitchen, especially the Yi O collboration
  4. Godenya
  5. Gaddi's Chef's Table
  6. Yardbird's rice cakes, and new cocktails from the Okinawa collab
  7. One Harbour Road's steamed toothfish with preserved vegetables
  8. Beef Bar
  9. Samsen, especially the Son In Law eggs
  10. The Bottle Shop Central's pandan pancakes
  11. Second Draft's flower crab noodles
  12. Cobo House's desserts
  13. Caprice bar, especially Nicolas Lambert's desserts
  14. CRFT-PIT's pecan pie
  15. Kaum
  16. Pak Loh Chiu Chow's mooncakes
  17. Cookieboy peanut butter cookies
  18. Grom
  19. Redback Peel Street Espresso Bar
  20. Seafood Room rooftop bar, my top pick for visitors these days 
  21. Buenos Aires Polo Club's sidecar
  22. Camp cooking on wood fires
  23. Green Common's amazing expansion
  24. Online shopping: Cork Culture, Coffee & Tales, Ztore, HKTV Mall, Sunday's Grocery
  25. Pop-up culture: The Landmark Mandarin Oriental's pop-ups, The Mandarin Oriental's Cafe Central collaboration, Birds and Bubbles' fried chicken and biscuits, Filipino feast by Cross Cultures, Roca brothers' visit to Hong Kong, Test Kitchen
Addendum: Hong Kong restaurants and bars I have been to more than once in 2016.