Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Piazza Duomo in Alba is special, especially during White Truffle Season

Montblanc topped with white truffle at Piazza Duomo, Alba
You may have read the previous post about the White Truffle Festival in Alba - if not, follow that link and read it first to see how the visit to the restaurant fit into that day. This meal at Piazza Duomo was a crucial part, and probably one of the best food-related trips I've ever done.

This is, again, little more than a photo diary of the meal we had. Piazza Duomo is already well recognised and pretty spectacular, but it becomes even more special during white truffle season. Firstly, duh, truffles, and secondly, September-October is a period of harvest in general - and Enrico Crippa, Piazza Duomo's chef, brings all those flavours to the plate.

Never thought I'd love a pink dining room...
There were four tasting menus available, as well as a la carte. We went for the menu that was simply entitles "La Degusazione" - every single dish in the degustations were different, which was amazing, but we went with what we thought would be most representative of the restaurant.


Insalata 21, 31, 41, 51
This is one of Piazza Duomo's signature dishes - it's a signature, but it's never the same. It's basically a salad of everything that's in season at the point of the meal - they say that even lunch and dinner salads could be different.

Mushroom Meatball

The classic - truffle and creamed potatoes

Go for the wine pairing - there was a more traditional option, as well as one featuring small producers. We went for the latter, which featured labels we'd never seen before, all from the Langhe region, as well as grapes indigenous to the area and that we'd never tasted before. We also asked to have one "portion" split between the two of us - we didn't exactly want to get drunk, because we still had truffles to buy later on back in the fair.

Lamb and camomile

Petit fours
Remember to buy a hazelnut cake to go, especially if you plan on showering it with the white truffle you buy at the fair :D

The entrance to Piazza Duomo
Tips about reserving:
- Reservations open the first day of each month for the next four months.
- The restaurant usually doesn't open on Sundays, but during the White Truffle Fair, they do Sunday lunch - this is when we booked and I would highly recommend it.

Piazza Duomo
Piazza Risorgimento, 4
Alba, 12051
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