Things you might like to know:
  • I'm a writer and editor, specialising in food, travel, lifestyle and culture. For clips and more details about my professional work, please head this way
  • I like to eat. A lot.
  • I like to ramble. A lot.
  • None of the meals written about on this blog are sponsored by the establishment concerned or those with an interest in the establishments. (They may, however, be sponsored by my dad etc.)
  • 99% of the time the restaurant doesn't know me, and the fact that I blog. Deviations from this will be stated clearly in the post.
  • I don't proofread my blog posts. (I proof a lot for work, give me a bloody break!)
  • I'm Cantonese by heritage, a Hongkonger by birth, and a naturalised Australian because my parents like Australian wine, lamb and beef feared what the Commies would do to us after 1997. Also, although English is my first written language, things can sound clumsy sometimes. Like now. Sort of. Maybe.
  • If you found this through my very old posts (2004-ish), I apologise. I sound like an ignorant prick and a half, but I've kept those posts as a reminder that everyone has an embarrassing period of their lives and if you can't get past it, then well, you might as well have a stick up your backside permanently.
  • My love of eating gave rise to an interest in the current state of the "food system", agriculture and sustainable development, which has led to other things beyond media...
  • Around April 2013, I changed my byline (for published work) to "Janice Leung Hayes".

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you?
Allow me to address this as a two-part question.

i. Physically and usually:

for about 15 years now... on and off.

ii. Virtually and constantly:

instagram: @e_ting
twitter: @e_ting
facebook: facebook.com/e.ting.food

What's your favourite food?
I can't really tell you. No, it's not some secret. I can't tell you because I don't know. When I was 16 I had uni (sea urchin) for the first time. I hated it and thought it tasted like soap. Ten years on, I'm addicted. Maybe twenty years on I'll hate it again. 

I'm coming to Hong Kong for X days and want to know where to eat...

My HK eat list is right this way.

Can you take me eating in Hong Kong?

Are you a full-time blogger?
Hell, no. Just look at the build quality of this thing. I write for other publications, and you can find my clips here.

How can I contact you?
Leave me a comment on the blog, tweet/FB me, or email: janice -at- e-tingfood.com. Which leads me to...

I would like to get in touch about promoting my business...
Please read this before getting in touch, thank you!

What does your alias mean?
My name's Janice, but my childhood nickname was Ting Ting, which comes from my Chinese name. And I like to eat, hence e_ting.

Who designed your blog header?
The awesome header design was updated in June 2013 by Ignacio Garcia.


  1. Hi Janice,
    I took time to read more about you and your blog after liking your tweets. You started your blog many years ago! congrats! i like the way you introduced yourself and the writing style.

  2. Hi Janice,
    I just came across your blog via the "My 7 Links" project... and I love what I see!! I will be following your culinary adventures from now on. All the best from another HK blogger!

  3. Hello Janice (or can I say Ting Ting?) =>. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your wonderful blog today. I should also give credit where credit is due - I found you from www.claypotclub.com. I really enjoy reading your blog - ramblings or not. They are entertaining. And I'm really glad to have found other fellow Cantonese / HK bloggers. Your topics resonate with me, and I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

  4. Amanda G3:34 am

    hello janice. love your blog, thanks for the effort and great tips.

    i live in melbourne and am planning a trip to hk with my mum in mid april and am super excited about the trip having just finished your restaurant list! now off to the gym so that i can stuff myself silly in a few weeks without feeling TOO guilty...