Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coffee in Hong Kong - a sad day

Soft Aroma in Causeway Bay, one of the very few 'real coffee' places in this unfortunate town, has shuttered. It's a couple of doors away from the new and unremarkable Brunch Club - why has BC even survived? What is wrong with Hong Kongers?

The rent spike is definitely an issue for many businesses in Hong Kong, but I can't help but think that this marks the beginning of more coffee closures. When will Hong Kong wake up to the smell of freshly pulled espresso and stop spending their hard-earned cash on freaking Starfucks and Pussific Coffee?

I swear I'm losing faith in this city. Fast.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Coffee in Hong Kong - the neverending quest

Good coffee is hard to come by in the SAR (sorry *bucks just doesn't cut it for this ex-Melburnian), so whenever I hear or come across a place that offers the prospect of decent coffee, I'm there in a flash. I was in Mong Kok over the weekend - MK? Coffee? Hmm... I gave it a shot anyway, 'cause (I'm desperate and) I already love this place for its cool selection of magazines (French Archi Digest, Monocle, Jalouse etc.), so I thought maybe the gods of caffeine will pity this deprived soul.

They did not. Maybe they're punishing me for not praying more?

The cakes were fugly too, but I guess I'll give the gelati a try next time...

Lucky I have that primitive Vietnamese coffee dripper thingy at home and Nespresso at work (yes, that is how low I have stooped - actually, Nespresso pods aren't that bad all).

Slowly by Da Dolce
B2/F Langham Place
Mong Kok