Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When we're rolling in it - Tai Sheung Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant

King prawns, huge garoupas, shark's fin. That's your average Hong Konger's idea of a banquet. In the early 90's, when the economy was growing (unhealthily, but what did we/they know), people boasted and said they'd have shark's fin tossed with rice (yu tsi loh fahn) every day.

I had all the abovementioned 'delicacies' last night, but it wasn't a special occassion, and we weren't at a particularly glamourous place either. And yes, I did mix my very own claypot of shark fin into my rice.

The almightly claypot of shark's fin.

Dumpling (shui gao); sweet & sour king prawns, looking a tad sadder than they were. An interesting honey-ish sauce that only just coated the surface, in place of the usual death by drowning of gwailo tomato ketchup concotion, or the fluro orange stuff (although, I have to admit, I do like that stuff when it's done well)

And after all that 'indulgence' and 'vanity'? I didn't have to pay, but didn't have to leave to guilty either. (There was more - fish and chicken etc. but forgot to take pics). All up, less than HKD200/head. All sweet and no sour.

nota bene: This is olde schoole HK, so don't expect much service. And as it's one of those places with live tanks outside, I'm guessing they try and scam gwailo too. Unfortunate but...
Tai Sheung Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant (太上漁村海鮮酒家)
197 Sai Yeung Choi St North (opp. Police Sports and Recreation Centre, round the corner form Boundary Street)
Prince Edward
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2778 6231