Monday, July 12, 2010

Taichung - biking (or fooding?!) in Fengyuan

The purpose of the trip was to go biking, so in case you were wondering whether I came close to a pedal at all - I did, and it wasn't when I stood next to one of the many bike racks in town. Actually we went on a proper bike trail in Fengyuan (豐園), a small township about 30 mins out of Taichung city by train.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Short and sweet - Riquiqui

For what seemed like the longest time, Hong Kong had only one dessert bar, Sift, that served "western" desserts - i.e. not HK-style mango puddings, black sesame sweet soup, tofu fa, or even Hokkaido milk puddings etc., but it seems this year is seeing a couple of new contenders to Sift's monopoly. Recently opened are private dessert kitchens Riquiqui and Club Palette, the former offering a three-course dessert-only prix fixe, and the latter, wine pairings.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Alfresco, Hong Kong style - Sing Heung Yuen

Beef and macaroni in tomato soup

People ask why us Hong Kongers eat tinned tomato, instant macaroni and bicarb-marinated beef together. Like yuen yeung (coffee + tea + milk), it's an acquired taste, but it's just so Hong Kong - it's a feeling, a collective nostalgia that even the most talented wordsmith would be hard-pressed to describe.