Monday, May 04, 2009

Pretty picture

My first plate of the 'morning' (read: 1pm) - dessert
Sunday brunch buffet at Kitchen, W Hotel Hong Kong

Fabulous photo courtesy of my dear friend


  1. Now THAT is how to start a morning (or afternoon for that matter). Gorgeous photo!

  2. ooh another comment cos I just saw this post.. I'm staying at W so I might have brunch here :)

  3. Hi again Judy! Sunday Brunch at the W is pretty nice, but not cheap (I think it was close to HK$600 per head with freeflow champagne, juices, coffee etc.). But the food was good (tho the roast didn't have potatoes - weird), and the views are very unique (looks out to the colourful but industrial shipping containers at the port). The beds at the W are heavenly and the rooftop pool is pretty cool (go before 3pm if you want to get some sun because the buildings block it off later in the afternoon). Enjoy!