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Where to find proper coffee around Brisbane's Bayside (southside) suburbs

I'm always looking for a good coffee in the Bayside suburbs or Redlands - you'd want a good coffee with this view, right?
When I'm in Brisbane, which has been about a month a year in the past few years, I tend to hang out in the bayside suburbs, as we have family in the area, and I love the chilled out, waterside village feel here. Admittedly, it isn't an area regular tourists would necessarily visit, but because I don't see too much written about the area, I thought I'd add my two cents. As a bit of background, my general stomping grounds range from around Wakerley to Cleveland. Do note that all of them tend to close by lunchtime - early bird gets the coffee! (Queenslanders all seem to be morning people). If you know any more good ones, comment away - I would love to check them out, and I'm sure that with time, there'll be more good cafes - the atmosphere in this area is kind of perfect for chilled weekend brunching and places to refuel after those early morning runs.

First., Wellington Point
First Coffee Co., Wellington Point

It's often one of the first places I stop at when I'm back. I think I first (teehee) came across this little hole in the wall (rather literally) in a short post in Broadsheet Brisbane. It's probably the first and last post they have about the Redlands area! It's just a take-away window, carved out of a little corner of a bike shop in the main Wellington Point shopping village. When they opened it was just a trusty La Marzocco, but last I heard (I now follow them on Instagram) they had cold brews, chilled filter, batch brews and even pastries and all that too. They'll usually have a blend, and a few single origins from third-wave coffee roasters - there seems to be a rotation of guest beans, from Queensland roasters and beyond. There's a planter right outside with a bench you can sort of sit on for a bit, or hop back in the car (or your bike) and zip down to the Point proper. There's a little beach and a nice jetty and park.

C/O V1 Cyclery,
Shop 2/360 Main Road,
Wellington Point, 4160
Open: 6am - 11am, closed Mon
Bonus: their doggie Instagram (SO CUTE)

Delamauta Coffee, Wellington Point

I've actually never had coffee here as it closes at noon - and if I'm early enough I tend to go to First (see above) as it's just across the road. But I believe they're the roasters (and owners?) of another cafe I frequent (see The Coffee Door Cafe, below) and has the same near-Wellington-Point advantages as First, so there you go.

399/381 Main Rd,
Wellington Point, 4160
Open: Tue-Sat 6am-noon, Sun 7am-noon, closed Mon
Facebook Page

Strong latte at The Coffee Door, Ormiston

The Coffee Door Cafe, Ormiston

I believe Delamauta (see above) supply these guys. I often buy my beans here for coffee at home. They do blends and single origins, and I find their roast a little darker than I usually like for filter/pourovers (although the staff there say it's good for filter too) so I try to adjust my filter recipe at home accordingly, but in any case, if you're having a coffee there, it'll be from the espresso machine, and I've found their blend(s?) to be mostly on the dark fruit and chocolate end of the scale, but not gritty-chocolatey, of which I'm not a fan. Food here is pretty ordinary cafe fare - I have it if I'm hungry but honestly food would not be my priority here.

2/5-7 Gordon St,
Ormiston, 4160
Open: 7am-2pm (or thereabouts), closed Sun

Honorable mentions: non-hardcore-coffee cafes

Pancakes at Whisky Business, Capalaba. Yes, that is whipped cream
Whisky Business, Capalaba

Pretty heavy brunch food, but if you're in the mood for an OTT stack of pancakes with enough whipped cream to fill your skull, or a milkshake that can double for a meal (and not in a good, protein-shake way), then this is perfect. I also find it refreshing to find an independently-owned business in Capalaba, which is full of big-box chains.

4/200 Old Cleveland Rd,
Capalaba, 4157
Open: Sun-Mon 7am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7am-4pm, closed Tue
Facebook Page

Pain au chocolat (which they call chocolatines) from Jacques Patisserie, Gumdale
Jacques Patisserie, Wakerley/Gumdale

They have a coffee machine here, and for all I know, they probably pull a decent coffee, but I've not tried it. I mostly come here for the pain au chocolat and other brilliantly tender yet brittle laminated pastries, although they also sell good looking loaves of sourdough bread (and the owners give my rusty French a good work out). It's right next to the post office (and I don't know why I was always at the post office one time I was back) but I went a few times and all the flaky goodies were totally on point.

Shop 2  681 New Cleveland Road,
Gumdale 4154
Open: Tue-Fri 6.30am-1pm, Sat-Sun 7am-noon, closed Mon

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