Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring in Beijing - Itinerary

One of my best-est friends, let's call her W, has finally moved back to Asia. One of her last stops before Hong Kong was Beijing, and she was there for a conference in Beida (Peking University), so we decided to go and crash at her hotel. That's the story. Here's just a quick itinerary of what we did - it's partially for myself, so I don't forget. I'll be writing up some of the more interesting meals soon. Over six days, we had 2 Peking ducks, two mala meals, a lot of coffee and a fair bit of drinking, with some Yunnanese thrown into the mix. We were trying to avoid Sanlitun but gave in on our last day...

Day 1: Arrive in Beijing at night, stayed at The Lakeview Hotel (next to Peking University)

Day 2: Peking University. Lunch at student canteen, stroll around campus. Coffee at Paradiso. Wudaokou. Afternoon tea at Bridge Cafe. Massage at Lijing Daban Spa. Dinner at Dadong.

Day 3: Tsinghua University. Random roadside jianbing lunch. Check into Jianguo Garden Hotel. Dinner at Chengdu Provincial Government Office. Drinks at Yin at Emperor Hotel.

Day 4: Forbidden City. Lunch at Xianlaoman. Check into Hotel G. Dinner at Made in China. Drinks at Fubar and Glen.

Day 5: Lunch at Haidilao. Wudaoying Hutong. Tea at Historia. Lama Temple. Baochao Hutong. Drinks at Bed. Dinner at Middle 8th.

Day 6: Coffee and crepe at Crepanini. Second brunch at Migas. Ritan Park. Airport.

More detail soon... I hope.


  1. love the idea of documenting your itinerary - i should prob do the same as i forget! and how can you say no to peking duck? yum!

  2. that is for you to remember or others to follow your itinerary?