Friday, October 29, 2010

Time Out Dining Awards 2010

This year, there were 20 categories - Brunch, Burger, Cafe/Coffee shop, Cheap eats, Chinese, Curry, Date, Desserts & Sweets, Dim Sum, Japanese, Pizza, Southeast Asian, Splurge, Star Chef/Creativity, Steak, Vegetarian, View, Wine selection, Best new restaurant, Restaurant of the Year - each with a winner, an "almost famous" award and a peoples' choice.

I was lucky enough to be part of the panel of judges - so whaddya think of the list?


  1. I'm just curious to know the ones you disagreed with : )

    Seems like a fairly sensible list from the ones I have tried though.

    I think Manor remains the place I most want to visit and 208 remains the place I end up by mistake too much.

  2. Manor is definitely worth trying out. It's good for dinner too - their roast suckling pig blows my mind every time.

    Am I allowed to say I disagreed with any of them? :P Actually to be honest, I wouldn't outright disagree with any of them. Many of the picks overlapped with mine, and for those that didn't, I understand why they're in there, and they're certainly valid, they just happen not to be mine! :)