Friday, October 08, 2010

Not so shining - Spring Moon

This used to be one of the finest dim sum experiences in HK. Nowadays, the food doesn't seem to be the focus - don't get me wrong, it's still ok, but for the price, I'd go to Fook Lam Moon any day. (If we paired FLM food with Spring Moon service, I'd be in dim sum heaven!)

Here's what we had:

In general I thought the steamed dishes were disappointing. Where was the detail? The thin, smooth, translucent wrappers in perfect folds, the subtle melding of flavours that make Cantonese cuisine what it is - couldn't find them.
scallop siu mai - scallop was tasteless, actually, make that the whole thing.
har gau (prawn dumpling) - wrapper too thick and a little lumpy. filling was bland.
birthday buns with lotus seed paste - we had a birthday girl among us, so we ordered this last minute - the staff and kitchen did well in accommodating this at such short notice. They were, however, $15 each! Bun was soft and fluffy, and not too thick and lotus seed paste wasn't cloying - overall a pretty good rendition.

ham shui gok (lit.: "brine" fried dumpling) - in the shape of a pumpkin - cute, and tasted better than the steamed dishes, slightly savoury, but still flat/layer-less flavour. the casing felt a bit greasy too.
wu gok (taro dumpling) - probably the best thing we had this meal. Light, crunchy, full flavoured and not too salty.
fried cheung fun (rice paper rolls) - they don't have the steamed version (weird - can anyone tell me why this is? I encountered this at Fu Sing last week too). The ricey flavour was there but the rolls were thick and hard, more like bouncy sausages than delicate rice flour rolls.

non-dim sum:
fried chicken - I liked the way it was fried, the skin was extremely crisp, like potato chips, it didn't feel heavy. However the quality of the chicken itself could have been better. It's not as bad as your usual run of the mill frozen chicken, but if fresh chicken gets 10 points, and frozen gets 1, this was maybe a 5.

Spring Moon
The Peninsula
Salisbury Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
+852 2315 3160

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