Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's the Four Seasons, yo

Just came across this press release from the Four Seasons Shanghai, announcing the arrival of their new exec sous chef Eren Guryel. So PR spiels usually take the form of boringly exaggerated paragraphs about nothing ("We are delighted to announce the arrival of our 50th indoor plant to celebrate the hotel's 50th anniversary as a modern facility with flushable toilets"). But this one, well, it wasn't as dull, but was weirdly tryhard. I quote:

"Fresh from Four Seasons Hotel Boston, Massachusetts in the US, Eren just can’t wait to sink his teeth in [emphasis added] and soak up his new life in the Far East."

So the next time you are round the corner from Four Seasons in Shanghai, be sure to pop in and say ‘hi’ cause [emphasis added] this is one guy in white jacket that bears the hallmarks of a true chef."

Sorry, this is just too bizarre, especially coming from the Four Seasons...

...and shouldn't there be an apostrophe before "cause"?

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