Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Dxkota Primx scandal

[edited several times 17 April 2009 as I was doing a crash course on defamation in HK law...]

As you can see from the first comment of this post, I am apparently legally liable for Dxkota Primx's loss of business. Honestly I don't think a blog with less than 400 viewers on a good month will do any good/bad if you were a good restaurant, but to avoid further complications I have deleted the email from changed some parts of the email from ex-chef Adxm Levxn for now. It is with much regret that I do this, but unfortunately I don't have enough dough to hire me some lawyers.

If you're scared of bloggers, it probably means you're not doing your job well enough.

Nuff said.


The following email from Adxm Levxn, ex-Exec Chef at Dxkota Primx was forwarded to me recently.

Dodgy stuff going on in the restaurant business? Well, that wouldn't be new. But isn't it scary to think that what you're eating isn't what you think you're eating? Food for thought indeed.

[email deleted, sorry, being a coward I know]

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