Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A date with Green Monday - vegetarian recipe competition

Green Monday is Hong Kong's take on Meatless Monday, working with restaurants and school canteens around town to make access to vegetarian meals easier (and healthier). It's based on the idea that going meatless, even part-time, reduces carbon emissions significantly, and is also better for our health. Raising animals for food uses a lot of resources - resources that are finite that we can't afford to deplete.

Until October 20, 2013, you're invited to submit your best vegetarian recipe to Green Monday for their Green Mondate competition. (It's all in Chinese, unfortunately, so ask a friend to help if need be!) I'm among the judging panel that will pick six winners to cook for actress Annie Liu Xin-you (劉心悠), pictured above. (You know how in high school the dorky ugly chicks are gatekeepers for their cute friends? Well, I'm the dorky chick and Annie is, like, totally my bestie). Join us and read more about it here.

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