Friday, June 08, 2012

Strip House - More than Steak, Hong Kong

Porterhouse for two
My review for Harlan's steakhouse came out in Time Out. The photos I'm putting up are actually from two meals. The first one I had there was for the review, and the second was an invitation from the big man himself. One thing to note that, like I said in my old blog post of the now-closed Tuscany by H, Harlan is the man (or should we say da man!) when it comes to consistency. When I went in for the review, I'm 100% sure he didn't notice me (he walked right past me a number of times) and needless to say I didn't make myself known. I noted my experience and then went back for the invited dinner the next week, and we had a few of the same dishes - guess what - they were exactly the same.

Homecured bacon
Consistency - you know how hard that is? For that alone, I wholeheartedly respect him. Plus, you gotta admire the man for being able to amass the number of fans he has, despite everything that's gone on in between - like losing his eponymous restaurant (if you don't know Harlan Goldstein no longer has anything to do with Harlan's - well, to put it nicely, you damn well should).

Sizzling brownie
This goes without saying, but just in case you're one of those annoying people who thinks I'll review a restaurant on an invited tasting - of course I didn't dumbass - they were done entirely separately, and if anything the later tasting confirmed what I already knew - Harlan is so damn consistent.

(P.S. Not really relevant, but I still miss Tuscany by H...)

Strip House
5/F, Grand Progress Bldg,
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong
Hong Kong
+852 2521 8638
Daily midday-3pm & 6pm-late

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  1. I love Gold by Harlan and try to make it there every other month. Trying Strip house sometime this month.

    Hopefully it will be good. I don't care for steaks in Hong Kong so far. NYC has much better steakhouses.

  2. Great looking steak. Question: what was the breed? do they age their meat? If Yes, for how long? Dry or wet aged? Grass or corn fed? Just curious because that looks like a great steak to me, but it is important for me to know things like those. Thanks