Monday, May 30, 2011

Pasta basta - Al Molo

Just a quick scribble and a bad photo of last night's impromptu dinner at Al Molo, a Dining Concepts restaurant with Michael White's (of Marea NYC fame) name all over it.

The agnolotti was the only dish that ticked all the boxes, but the plate had been sitting in the warmer for too long and my sauce ended up forming a nice skin on the plate. Mm-mm! Who wouldn't like some skin on their sauce! Our tagliatelle was limp, overcooked (fresh pasta requires an eagle eye that kitchen seemed to lack last night) with a bolognese that was this standard only blander (a grating of parmiggiano helped). Tomato sauce in the other pasta (I think it was a spaghetti) hardly tasted of tomato, despite being very, very red.

Service, wine list and coffee were shameful. (Typos galore on winelist too - Motepulciano, anyone? How about a Doolcetto?) We sat at a banquette thingy on the side and they put a table of 8 in the corridor/opening/thoroughfare right beside us.

It may be early days, but for a restaurant of such pedigree (and pasta-related renown) Chef White should be worried. Prices look reasonable on the menu, but still ended up being HK$300 for a mediocre pasta, with bad wine and coffee - if I don't get a table on the (not so big) alfresco waterside terrace, I'll just eat at home, thanks.

Al Molo
G63 Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
+852 2730 7900

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  1. was looking forward to try al molo, but perhaps I should wait a little longer for them to iron out the kinks, although i agree that top pedigree restaurants should not have typos on the menu. Pet peeve!

    Looked like a place with an amazing ambience though.

  2. definitely wait a bit. the harbourside location is great, and that alone might keep it in business :P but the actual terrace isn't that big, so i'd specify a terrace seat when you book!