Friday, February 11, 2011

Coffee in Hong Kong - 18 Grams

It's official. It's been medically proven that I'm addicted to caffeine. I can get migraine-like headaches if I don't get enough of it per day.

It's nothing to be proud of, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that proper-ish coffee is finally coming to Hong Kong and that I don't have to resort to Starbucks and Nescafe in cans (I would rather that than Pacific) in all the places I frequent (Sheung Wan, Central, Causeway Bay and even North Point). Gone are the days when I had to lug myself on a train then walk all the way to TST East for a coffee (I'm talking about Crema, circa 2005).

I'd always been a fan of Fuel Espresso in IFC - it was, I would say, the beginning of the real coffee movement in HK. Yeah, you could count Cafe Corridor, my previous Causeway Bay lifesaver, and its Central predecessor Coffee Assembly (kudos for roasting in HK) but it was Fuel that really got people talking about espresso-based coffee as something 'normal' rather than super niche (maybe thanks to the (hideous) mall location?).

Banana bread - very floury
The arrival of 18 Grams means I have a new Causeway Bay coffee joint that serves a stronger shot than Corridor and keeps me away from that copycat edifice called Times Square.

All day breakfast - bland and bacon wasn't browned enough nor crisp
I've had a few coffees here now, and only once sitting down (the cafe is a veritable kitty corner with about 8 seats), on which occasion I also had some food (conclusion - blah but who bloody cares, I'm here for my caffeine) as part of an afternoon tea set thingy. I got a double shot caffe latte and a slice of banana bread. The double shot was even better than usual because it was in a smaller glass (size for afternoon tea set). The milk had decent foam, temperature was perfect (very very warm, but never scalding), the coffee something that packs a punch (I'm all for florals for handdrip and siphon, but I fear it's wasted in espresso, at least to me). I've never asked what blend they were using, but I haven't been disappointed thus far.

18 Grams
15 Canon St.
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+852 2893 8988

(also opening soon in Mong Kok)

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  1. PhilD6:06 pm

    I am worried about Fuel, the coffee standards seem to have dropped over the last weeks. Eyes off the ball as they focus on the new branch in the Landmark?

  2. Hmm, Fuel was a pioneer, but never stellar in international standards, even a little tip southward could be suicidal. If they've really slipped (I haven't been since Landmark branch opened) I hope they get back on their feet asap!

  3. love 18 grams! think 'the mother' went to school with the owners of 18 grams!

  4. GA - such a small world!!