Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's all in the family - My dad's Beijing tips

While I was stuffing my face and consequently trying to work it off on a bike in Taichung (<< click on Taichung for more on that...), my dad and one of my uncles joined Facebook and both decided to add me. I guess that's what long weekends do to people.

So finally today I checked out my dad's profile page. He actually posted status updates... about food! One of which I shall post here - I'm sure he's happy to share...

Dadong's Peking duck
到北京不要只去全聚德吃烤鴨了,去大董吧!(東城區金寶街金寶滙購物中心5楼, 電話85221111)人均消费RMB200。除了烤鴨好味之外有很多菜式都很好,装修新派豪華,不過服務始终有京城和上海的通病,不及深圳的仔细或香港的效率了。


In case you don't read Chinese, here's a rough translation:

When in Beijing, don't go for Peking duck at Quan Ju De, go to Dadong. Aside from the duck, a lot of other dishes are great too, and the decor is contemporary and luxurious. The service, however, is typical of Beijing and Shanghai - they're not as detail-oriented as in Shenzhen [1], nor as efficient as Hong Kong. Average cost 200RMB per head.

Also, if you want shua yang rou [2], go to Man Fu Lou for authentic, fresh, hand-sliced mutton/beef, it's not the hard, frozen, machine-sliced variety. It's also very hygienic, and you get your own pot. Great value - forget about Dong Lai Shun! Average cost 60RMB per head.

[1] My dad works full-time in Shenzhen, and knows all the fancy restaurants because that's kind of part of his job (he's not in hospitality - he just needs to entertain people who like fancy restaurants)
[2] shua yang rou is Beijing-style hotpot, mutton is often the meat of choice (hence yang - lamb). I had this in Hong Kong recently too.

So yeah, if you've ever wondered why I'm so into food, here, and the rest of my family, is your answer. Now, excuse me while I log on to Facebook and suggest my page to my dad, so he can "Like" it...

5/F Jinbao Place
Jinbao Jie
+86 10 85221111

Man Fu Lou
38 Di'anmen Dajie
+86 10 64030992


  1. oh! I think I like your Dad! (I mean you know). Maybe he should start his own blog!!! ;-)

  2. Christina10:26 pm

    thats so cool! yes! your dad should start his own blog!