Saturday, March 27, 2010

Milky Way - Farm Milk

No, there isn't a farm on the moon (yet, as far as I know), but it's certainly far out. Past the Chinese army barracks in Shek Kong, Yuen Long (which are a bit of a spectacle in themselves, though none of us dared to take photos!) is a dairy farm, where fresh milk is produced, right in Hong Kong. (Found thanks to @coffeemeow's tip). We didn't see any milking, but did spot some goats...

We were here for the milk desserts - double boiled milk, ginger & milk pudding and mango pudding. The double boiled milk was (by definition, I suppose) most rich in milk 'flavour' and was creamiest. The ginger dessert was nice too - not too sweet, but it could've done with more ginger, and the mango pudding was one of the richest I've ever had. I also loved the real mango dices mixed in.

They also make their own ice cream - we were way too full, and I had a bit of a cough so didn't try any, but I regret not getting the sea salt flavour. (Note to self: must bring ice box next time - you can also buy cartons of milk to go)

I was asked why I bothered going since you can get local fresh milk from any old supermarket - to my knowledge the cartons contain milk beverages made from solids, though do correct me if I'm wrong. (Perhaps the milk in glass bottles are 'real' milk?) In any case, it's well worth the trip, and the milk here is the real thing - thick, creamy, and well, milky.

Farm Milk Co. Ltd
78 Lui Kung Tin
Kap Lung Tsuen
Shek Kong
Yuen Long
+852 2832 9218
9am-6pm daily

If driving from the intersection of Kam Tin / Kam Sheung / Lam Kam Rds, turn into Route Twist at the roundabout and look out for an inlet on the right (after a couple of army barrack entrances) with a sign saying Kap Lung Tsuen. Follow the sign in (the rd is super narrow) and continue, you'll pass a BBQ area on the right and soon after you'll see a large rock with "78 Lui Kung Tin" written on it - turn right there and you'll reach Farm Milk.

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  1. oooo interesting place in hk!! is it hard to get to?

  2. We got there by car, so it wasn't too hard to get to. There's a bus (#51) that goes there too. I'll add a map to the post (I should've anyway, so thanks for the reminder!)

  3. Sher left messages on <my FB page with the following comments:

    there is a farm in HK that actually does milking:
    there's where i got some unpasteurised milk