Sunday, April 05, 2009

Stop press! The Drawing Room at JIA Hong Kong

My folks had the pleasure of dining at Aspasia over the weekend, when Chef Roland (Schuller) came out to tell them that he's opening the new resto at JIA Hong Kong, named The Drawing Room, which takes over the old Opia (once managed by Aussie superstar (chef) Teage Ezard, of Ezard in Melbourne).

He said he'll be working there from today onwards, (Siu Yeh tips us off with detailed info on the team, and an April 13 opening date - their website says so too) and will be shuttling back and forth between Aspasia and TDR, initially spending more time at the latter. Aspasia will lbe taken care of by the/an ex-Toscana chef, so I guess it'll be in good hands! *oops - see edit below

*edit 4.15pm April 6: sorry I should have read Siu Yeh's post more carefully than just blurt what my parents thought they heard - the ex-Toscana chef, Umberto Bombana, in fact co-owns The Drawing Room, so the question is - who will be Aspasia when Roland is running around?

Anxious to try The Drawing Room soon. Now the sad people refusing to cross over to the "dark side" will have a chance to experience some Schuller love (which, as I've mentioned before, is probably the most underrated in the SAR).

The Drawing Room
JIA Hong Kong
1-5 Irving St
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+852 2915 6628
Taking reservations Apr 6 onwards, opening Apr 13


  1. Anonymous5:08 am

    Hey Ting,

    Nice blog! Are you going to go back to Aspasia now that Roland's not there as often as before? I've always wanted to check it out, but haven't had a chance ... what would you recommend if I go? Will add you to my blogroll :) Cheers


  2. Thanks J! If Roland is indeed shuttling back and forth between the two restos, I wouldn't mind continuing to go to Aspasia (maybe give it a couple of months for things to settle down). That said, if the food is just as good (and similar in style) at The Drawing Room, I don't think I'd go to Aspasia so often to endure those retina-searing fuschia walls! Unless of course, I want to be in Kowloon.
    As for dishes at Aspasia, I don't have a favourite because they're all pretty good. Pastas in particular, and I think one of the first times I went I had a roast or pan roasted pork with amazing jus - that really did it for me.