Monday, February 23, 2009

Coffee in Hong Kong - mall find

Just a quick one to say I finally tried Fuel Espresso in ifc. It's a Kiwi company (didn't know this when I went), and I can say it's pretty consistent with previous positive experiences with my fellow Australasian coffee geeks. Seating-wise it's bar-stools only, so not so much fr lingering as quick coffee breaks alla Italiano, but in an act of identity crisis there are handy power points for laptop users... Anyway, yay to more good/acceptable coffee in HK!

Fuel Espresso
Shop 3023, 3/F
(opp. back entrance of Lane Crawford, men's accessories dept., just off the escalators)
ifc mall
Hong Kong


  1. I guess HK is more of a tea-drinking land.

    Do they serve any food at this coffee place?

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  2. Thanks for visiting! Always nice to meet other foodies :)

    They serve a few simple cakes - their ginger slice was fab!

    I guess HK is more of a tea-drinking place, but like other metropolises, is sadly being invaded by mediocre coffee chains, so it's nice to see quality non-chain cafes!