Friday, June 04, 2010

Taichung - Caffeine Fix at Orsir

The Taiwanese are passionate about their caffeine - there are tea shops every three steps, and coffee shops probably on every second street corner, some of which are sadly Starbucks, but there are treasures like Orsir amid the blah.

Orsir is the go-to for coffee fiends in Taichung, and probably all around the island. They roast their own beans and offer quite a few blends, probably around 7 on the menu, plus six daily blends (at least the day we went that was the case), available as drip or siphon, plus espresso-based coffees. I think they use a standard blend for espresso-based coffees, but if you wanted it in a particular blend, I'm pretty sure they can accommodate and/or give advice.

The staff here, from salespeople to baristas, don't just press buttons on a machine - they're a wealth of coffee knowledge in their own right. Their baristas have won all sorts of competitions around the world, and you can watch them in action on the TV in the cafe upstairs.

Downstairs are the retail store and coffee machines, so order there first, then take your number upstairs, find a seat, and they'll bring it up to you.

One of the six specials of the day, Yun Mu (foggy) - siphon


Creme caramel and panna cotta-ish thingamajig

Cheesecake - which was frozen! It was crunchy... 

I say in general, stay away from the food, except maybe the cookies...

They also sell myriad blends - packaged, ground to order, or whole beans, even roasted to order - you name it, as well as plenty of coffee-making accessories. Needless to say I wanted to buy everything, including this Hario water jug, hardly related to coffee except they make coffee accessories too, but anyway...

14 Wuquan Rd (near Minsheng Rd)
+886 4 22212828
10.30am-10pm daily

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  1. Yummy yummy looks so good. I went to LaMill in L.A. last weekend where they also take their coffee very seriously. It was so delicious and also very esoteric. Love coffee! And your blog.