Monday, August 03, 2009

IR 1968

beef & chicken satays

Can't really go wrong with these, and almost every table had at least 1 serve!

Gado Gado

Pretty good, probably too much iceberg for my liking, and they used fried tofu 'puffs' - I prefer pan-fried cubes of tofu, and there could have been a bit more bean sprouts. That said, the sauce was nice and nutty.

Egg & tofu stir-fry (sorry I've forgotten the real name)

Best dish of the night. Crunchy and soft at the right places, at the same time. Sweet/savoury pangs of kecap manis and peanut sauce offset by the tofu and cucumber.

Kari Ayam (Curry chicken)

Way too much coconut milk in this one - it wasn't spicy at all! (Nothing that night was spicy in fact...)

Nasi Goreng I

Nicely done, we forgot to ask for sunny-side up egg, so got a fully-cooked one instead (yuck), but otherwise, the rice was well-fried and seasoned (though lacking in chilli - again! And I'm not particularly chilli-tolerant either).

Nasi Goreng II (with the huuuuuge prawn cracker!)

Beef Rendang

Nice cut of beef (brisket with a good proportion of tendon), not but very nicely cooked - it was a bit tough, the sauce looked overcooked, dark and split and it didn't taste very 'rendang-y' either...

The food here is passable, but disappointing if you want a 'real' Indonesian experience, as there's hardly any spice in anything (among other issues)! I'm certainly not dying to come again, though because of its location (shopping central), hip-ish fitout (though seats aren't particularly comfy - the limp cushions need replacing!) and presentation of what's usually seen as cheap and cheerful, it is very popular with the yuppie crowd (it was full the night I was there and many tables saw second sittings), so if you decide to go, book ahead.

Indonesian Restaurant 1968
Leighton Rd
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+852 2577 9981


  1. What's your suggestion for Indonesian food in Hong Kong ?

  2. Good question - I don't have one! But on my "eat list" are Padang in Causeway Bay (just got this from another commenter) and Restaurant Indonesia, also in Causeway. There's also a place called Bali Restaurant in Jordan that's been around for a long time. Otherwise, I think Indonesian grocery stores that cater to domestic helpers do some cheap n' cheerful (and hellishly spicy) takeaways!

  3. they should not market themselves as "authentic", as most of their dishes are not. in fact, in my 1st visit, the server gave me a disclaimer (knowing that i am indonesian, thus bound to be fussy over indo food) that their food, especially nasi goreng, is tailor made for the local HK market and i should NOT expect an authentic nasi goreng. so much for authenticity :D their good dishes: perkedel jagung, perkedel daging & semur lidah.